...living that Justfab life 24hrs a day, every single day of the year!

I am Just FAB and Proud of It!

Hi all and welcome to my homepage! My name is Jess, but my friends all call me Justfab Jess! Fashion has really been my thing ever since I was little and I wanted to create a website where I could show off some of my favorite and most fabulous fashionable looks and styles. Since this site is new and I don't know a whole lot about websites yet, please bear with me if anything is out of place. I think it is already well on the way to looking justfab though if I do say so myself.

About Me

I live in Chicago Illinois and have lived there my whole life. As I mentioned in the intro, I am obsessed with clothes, shoes, makeup and just looking fab in general. I wasn't born with the name of Justfab Jess after all! Some of my friends think I am a bit obsessed, and I might be so inclined to agree. I do think it is at least a healthy obsession. I don't really have a particular style and my fashion tastes range all the way from casual chic to off the wall crazy glam!

What to expect from this fab website

Well, not much right now as you can see. But I will be busy over the next several weeks putting together my top 10 justfab jess looks (as I like to call them) and sharing my photos and inspiration with you. I also would like to set up a Facebook page and Twitter account soon so that anyone can get in touch with me or share some of their own fashion tips and advice. I think this will be a super fun way to spend some of my free time and to connect with other fashionistas out there. Don't be shy, if you want to get in contact with me please feel free to do so anytime by emailing me at justfabjess@just-fab.net. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you and to growing this site into an awesome resource for all the other just fab gals who might be out there.